MP3 Voice Recorder


Make recordings with your microphone and extract them to an MP3 file


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Although there are lots of programs to make microphone recordings on your computer, the ones that adapt to your needs – in both appearance and operation or features – are few and far between.

In this case, MP3 Voice Recorder offers you both simplicity and efficiency in equal measure, using the MP3 format to save your recordings.

Among the few settings options that MP3 Voice Recorder offers you'll find a source selector for the recordings and a bitrate selector.

Besides being able to save the recordings in an MP3 file, you can do it in WAV, AAC, WMA, FLAC, M4A and AC3 formats by selecting the corresponding option in your preferences window.

MP3 Voice Recorder also includes an integrated player so you can listen to the recordings before saving the file.
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